Syllabus and course materials

Neuromatch Academy aims to educate undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc researchers from diverse backgrounds in the philosophy and methods of computational neuroscience. We have enlisted a team of leading researchers to provide lectures and tutorial materials for each of the concepts we aim to teach.

You can find a list of our lecturers here.

Our course covers a range of computational topics from data analysis to neural modeling to deep learning. See the full Syllabus here, along with links to each day's course materials.

All of our pre-recorded lectures will be hosted on our YouTube page, making them freely and openly available both during and after the school.

Students and TAs will be able to interact and ask questions relating to the course on a dedicated channel of the Neurostars discussion board.

Our hands-on coding tutorials are hosted on Google Colabs, which provides an interactive computing environment for all of our students regardless of personal computational resources.

Students attending Neuromatch Academy come from a variety of academic backgrounds. To help ensure everyone has the necessary skillset to perform well in the school, we have provided a list of prerequisites covering the basic skills needed in python, mathematics, and neuroscience.