Volunteer Recruitment

As Neuromatch Academy rapidly grows, we need volunteers to help us plan and sort out the academy. As a volunteer, you will work directly with the committee chairs to help them manage multiple tasks. Volunteers will be needed in areas such as administration, language issues, communications, and tech. Volunteers will not get payment but we are thrilled to have you contributing and learning with us as we build the academy.

Below is a list of currently open positions with contact information. You can contact them directly. We look forward to having you as a part of Neuromatch Academy.

We are continuing to accept applications for mentors from faculty and members of industry. Mentors help students think through their project plans and offer career advice. Find out more about the position and apply here.

Caption editor.

Commitment: ~4-8 hours per week.
Contact: Brad Wyble (bwyble@gmail.com)
Job Description: You will edit and polish automatically generated close captioning in tight coordination with our video editing team to increase the ability of students to understand our content. We'll help you get started with the necessary tools.
Qualifications: Basic fluency with computational and neuroscience jargon in English.